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History of
Millers Farm Shop

Malcolm and Angela were farming at Barritshayes Farm, Colyton before moving to Kilmington in 1982 where they started the Farm Shop. At that time they grew 20 acres of daffodil bulbs, but as the shop grew they had less time to tend to the flowers; however, even now in the spring time, the field next to the shop is an array of yellow flowers that can be seen from miles around. They are mainly to supply the shop with flowers in the spring. Malcolm and Angela's Son, James, is heavily involved in the running of the shop along with his wife Olivia who oversees the shop along with a dedicated team of staff. It is a unique shop with an extensive range of local fruit and vegetables, meats and cheeses and an even bigger range of French foods. Malcolm and Angela make regular visits to France to stock up on cheeses, pates, mouthwatering chocolates and biscuits. In addition there is a fine selection of French wines including Bordeaux, Merlot and Medoc. The Millers grow a good portion of their seasonal vegetables, including runner beans good enough to be show winners! Malcolm, James and the team are hands-on producers and can often be seen in the field, tending the rows of lettuce: lollorosso, oak leaf, frizzy, flat, little gem and iceburg to name a few.

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